Memorial Services

Just as every person is an entirely unique individual, so should be the memorial that recognizes their life and acknowledges their passing. Since 1893, Malecki Funeral Home in Sherrill, NY has helped families from all walks of life stage fitting and welcoming memorials. Our attention to detail, dedication, and patient kindness is what sets us apart, but it is our deep ties to the community that have made Malecki Funeral Home the funeral home of choice for so many .

We offer a wide range of memorial options, all customizable and changeable, per your unique needs. Our pricing is comfortable, and services of any size can be accommodated in our on-site chapel. Creating a meaningful funeral can be a difficult process. When it’s time to put the pieces together, make sure you have a sure and steady hand to help. Consult with Malecki Funeral Home and let us help create a memorial befitting a person who cannot be replaced.

We Offer:

  • Services and ceremonies of all kinds, including:
    • Traditional
    • Graveside
    • Military and veteran
    • Fraternal
    • Nondenominational
  • Embalming and cosmetics
  • Casket display in our on-site chapel
  • Organ donation services
  • Hearse transportation
  • Burial and internment
  • Cremation
  • Caskets for all tastes

Phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. References available upon request.

Contact Malecki Funeral Home today at 315-829-2626, or browse our website for more information about cremation or pre-arranged services.